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Real life girls settled in hotel Room 213 which is equipped with several spy cameras. They get watched in bath and in bedroom until the moment they fall asleep, that’s when team of perverts walks into the room to inspect their visitors. They grab and fuck them in mouths and asses, leaving cum stains on their faces and clothes behind. Surely, they could be traced back and caught, but no one bother as girls enjoy such realistic wet dreams themselves. The blog in the link has several episodes which you could stream directly or watch full videos inside

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Discovered this fantastic voyeur site last week - it’s called Room 213. And while the name doesn’t tell you much, there is a great concept hidden behind it that will satisfy many voyeur fans especially you sleeping sex perverts. Room 213 is a real room in hotel which is located on the outskirt of New York and is very popular among business travelers and tourists. But the room is special, there are three hidden cameras across the room which gives you an opportunity to see what people get up to in hotel rooms when they stay alone away from their beloved ones and get horny. Of course, the manager is instructed to settle the hottest female guest in this room. The only thing which he doesn’t mention to them is the fact that they can be invaded by total strangers at night…

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Those will be a Room 213 site camera man and some guy with a fetish for molesting sleeping women. Watch inside as ordinary chicks get played in their sleep, fucked in mouth and covered in sperm after in the end without them even knowing that. There is also a final episode in every scene where girls wakes up in the morning with bewildered look on their faces when they discover sticky substance on their cheeks and can’t understand what happened. Priceless!

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